Being a member of DTAPA's competition team is a commitment. Our dancers have classes all year round, even in the summer. It is important to always keep our dancers moving! In order for our dancers to be successful, it is important that we have the entire team to work with as much as possible so please be present at all classes. If a dancer repeatedly misses class he or she may be asked to leave the competition program. 


DTAPA's competitive dancers typically compete at four (4) competitions throughout the year (3 regionals and 1 nationals). Attendance for all competitions/performances and awards ceremonies is mandatory! We do understand that family events, weddings, and/or funerals come up, so please inform us of your conflict as soon as possible. (Competition/performance schedules are handed out late fall.) If a dancer is sick the day of an event please contact us ASAP. 

Class Attire

Please wear form-fitting clothes/dancewear to all classes. This would include tank tops, camis, crop tops/sports bras, tight-fitting shirts, leotards, shorts, leggings, and tights. Additionally all required shoes should be brought to every class. We also encourage dancers to bring drinks and healthy snacks as some hours are long.


Parents and dancers, please be courteous and considerate to all teams and individuals. Please do not speak negatively about any dancer, decision, or result. We strive to teach our dancers respect and sportsmanship and take pride in our family-like teams. We are trying to create a positive learning experience for our dancers.

Parent Involvement

Being a part of the DTAPA competition program is not only a commitment for our dancers, but parents too. We encourage parents to be involved in our studio and attend competitions. Please check your email and our website regularly. (Updates will also be posted on our Instagram: @dance.techniquesnj) 



Each competition we attend determines their own guidelines for divisions. Most commonly divisions are determined by the average age of the group as well as the level of the majority of the team, however this can vary between competitions. We create our teams based on age and ability to create the strongest groups. Each competition's guidelines are available on their websites so it would be good practice to familiarize yourself when the schedule is handed out. 

*If you are interested in becoming a member of our competition program please call or fill out the form below* (This is not a registration form)

Every year from March to July our Petite, Junior, and Senior teams participate in competitions locally and nationally. Please contact us if you would like to be a part of this wonderful experience!


Dance Techniques believes that being involved in a competition program at an early age develops positive self-esteem, confidence, accountability, and leadership in young dancers. In our program, dancers have the opportunity to perform for large crowds and compete against many other teams from all over the country. Our company instructors will always maintain a high standard of age appropriate routines as well as costumes. We encourage our dancers to do their best and our hope is that our dancers can improve from one competition to the next. But most of all, we encourage our dancers to have fun.

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We don't get older.....

We just get better!